Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Alaska Day 8

Today we drove onto the Homer spit and took a boat ride over to the Kachemak Bay State Park. At the park we started off with a short walk along then beach, then headed into the Alaskan forests to embark on a 6 mile hike. Along the way we came across a hand tram. In order to cross a river and eat lunch we had to use the hand tram. It was a basket big enough for three people that was attached to a rope that you pulled in order to cross the river. It was strenuous on the arms to pull the tram across the river and back, but the view on the ride and at the lunch spot was well worth the effort. Once our bellies were full and our arms were tired we continued to hike on towards a glacier. The walk to the glacier was tiring and rocky, but when we got there the view of the glacier took our breath away. We learned that the surrounding vegetation was growing at unequal rates because there was an avalanche that caused the bay to rush over the vegetation - killing it. We ended our adventure at Kachemak Bay State Park by hiking over a mountain to reach the beach below. At the beach we met up with a Taxi boat to take us back to Homer. On the boat we met a cute black lab named Selkie. The puppy slept on Dr. Stilts the entire ride back. Once we arrived safely back in Homer we spent a half an hour shopping then headed to Save-You-More to stock up on groceries. We ended the day relaxing around the cabin.

Elizabeth Dano and Jessica Rynders

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